The Childcare Network Teams Up with the Leading Child Care and Preschool Search Provider…Cool!

Word on the street is that Mom Trusted’s newest partner is the Childcare Network. This means my two favorite childcare-dedicated companies are now working together to offer the best options in early education and child care. Why is the Childcare Network-Mom Trusted partnership so great?


First, a little about each of the awesome partners:


The Childcare Network

The Childcare Network gives families affordable child care and early education options. It is currently the fifth largest private care provider in the country. It even offers free preschool to many families in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. With the rates of day care on the rise and preschool becoming more competitive and more expensive than ever, the Childcare Network offers services that are absolutely priceless in today’s child care and early education markets.


Mom Trusted

Mom Trusted offers parents options. It’s essentially an incredibly valuable search tool that helps parents find child care, nannies, babysitters, preschools and even in-home care. The founders had a tough time finding care for their own kids so they built this fantastic site to help other parents through the challenging process. With Mom Trusted, care providers, nannies, preschools and babysitters are matched up with parents in need of care across the country. Plus, parents can go off of referrals, making sure each option is both trustworthy and the right choice for them.


Why is this partnership a match made in heaven for both parents and child care and early education providers?


The new partnership will allow a more social and dynamic hunt for child care. Utilizing the social recommendations and referrals on Mom Trusted, the Childcare Network will tap into Mom Trusted’s large network to reach even more families. The center already offers child care to 24,000 kids in over 200 schools. Now, teamed up with Mom Trusted, the Network can reach even more.


Parents need more than basic facts and figures about a care center or preschool. They are, after all, trusting the providers with their children. Many look for personal recommendations, but those aren’t always easy to find. Now, the Childcare Network will be able to use Mom Trusted’s referral system to prove to prospective families that other parents in their area trust and recommend them.


As an early education blogger and someone who knows the market inside and out, trust me when I say that this new partnership is going to make all the difference to the child care and early education search. It’s a win-win: good for providers and great for families on the lookout for quality care and education.


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